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Bachelors in Speech and Hearing Sciences. University of Arizona

Students who follow the clinical track and obtain a master’s degree will be eligible to become a certified speech-language pathologist or audiologist. A
speech-language pathologist is concerned with speech and language disorders (for example, stuttering, delayed language and articulation, aphasia, voice disorders,
and many others). Audiologists are involved primarily with prevention and assessment of hearing loss, and habilitation/rehabilitation of individuals with hearing impairment. Both speech-language pathologists and audiologists work with clients ranging in age from infancy to senescence and work in a variety of settings,
including public schools, hospitals, rehabilitation centers, private practices, and universities. A student who follows the basic science track and obtains a doctoral
degree will most likely seek employment in a university, private industry, or a private research institution. An undergraduate major in Speech and Hearing Sciences
also provides a strong background for the pursuit of certain other careers. For example, some students who plan to enter medical school select this as their
undergraduate major.

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Dept. of Speech & Hearing Sciences
P.O. Box 210071
Tucson (AZ 85721)
Arizona, USA

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