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Clinical hypnosis in cancer patients

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Clinical hypnosis in cancer patients

These techniques and strategies can be used in the office and hospitals, even in scientific research protocols.

In this book, a detailed clinical case treated by the authors is illustrated, and two cases in which Milton H. Erickson masterfully uses hypnosis to relieve pain and improve the quality of life in terminally ill patients are reviewed and analyzed.

I am sure that this book may be an incentive to increase the use of hypnosis in cancer patients at different stages of the disease, from the shock of diagnosis, transit through surgery and the side effects of chemo treatment and / or or radio therapy, even the persistent fear of relapse.

This work shows clinical hypnosis as an excellent tool of great utility, not only among cancer patients but in patients with chronic diseases in general.

Chap 1. The immune system and psychoneuroimmunology.
- Cytokines.
- Psychoneuroimmunology.
Chap 2. Cancer.
- Cancer
- The Theory of Cancer Immuno-Edition
- Cancer prevalence
- breast cancer
- The quality of life related to health
Chap 3. What causes cancer?
- Biological factors associated with breast cancer
- Psychological factors that influence cancer
- depression
- Chronic stress
- Mechanisms of stress
- Traumatic childhood events
- The birth of psychooncology
- The family of the cancer patient
chap. 4: The use of hypnosis in cancer
- Quality of life and strengthening of the immune system
- Group hypnotherapy
- Non-verbal communication and physical contact
chap. 5 Hypnotic techniques to improve the quality of life in cancer patients
- Techniques to strengthen the immune system
- Techniques for managing chemotherapy symptoms
- Cancer related fatigue
- Techniques for pain
- Case study: treated by Milton H. Erickson

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Editorial: UANL
ISBN: 9786074332414
Páginas: 236
Idioma: Inglés
Encuadernación: Rústica



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